iWantu is an entertainment application to watch beautiful girls, watch hot clips in the United States for free. You can download iwantu.app right here for free for APK and IOS


Description of iWantu:

iWantu is a Livestream social networking application that allows users to watch explicit videos of attractive girls and engage in online entertainment. It is released by a media company in the United States. However, it has expanded its presence to many different countries and has gained significant popularity. In the United States, iWantu has become a highly discussed online entertainment app.

According to the latest information, iWantu enables users to Livestream and chat with beautiful hot girls, featuring seductive and explicit videos. By simply downloading the application and registering to join the community, users can interact to their heart's content on a daily basis. Additionally, we have integrated numerous exciting features that promise to provide an exceptional user experience.

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Information about iWantu

App Name: iWantu
Installs: 500.000+
Size: 66 Mb
Category: Live, Chat, Nude
Age: 16+
Version: 1.19.1
Operating system: APK, IOS, PC, Laptop
Developers: iwantuapp.info
Email: Contact@iwantuapp.info
Address: 2733 Pike Street, San Diego, California, United States

Key features of iWantu:

The iWantu app is equipped with many unique and engaging features. Therefore, by joining the iWantu community, you can experience something new and exciting that other apps don't offer. Specifically, the main features of the app can be summarized as follows:

Interact with Hot Girls:

With the iWantu app integrated into your device, you can freely interact with beautiful and attractive Hot girls. The community of attractive girls on iWantu is large and diverse, allowing you to choose who you want to interact and chat with. As a user, you can simply access the app to admire beautiful girls for relaxation and seek enjoyment.

Furthermore, you can have playful interactions with these girls every hour, every day. If desired, you can also message and donate to request the beautiful Hot girls to do what you like. Joining the iWantu app for Livestreaming, chatting, and admiring beautiful girls will surely not disappoint you.

Livestream to Connect with Friends:

The iWantu app not only allows you to admire beautiful girls or interact and chat with attractive Hot girls, but as a user of the app, you can also organize Livestream events to connect with friends. The app will provide you with an ideal space for socializing, chatting, making friends, and even singing with people from all around. Moreover, the app offers many cute and beautiful filters for you to customize your experience.

Play rewarding entertainment games:

The iWantu app offers a vast collection of entertaining games. By simply joining the app's community, you can play these games for entertainment and earn rewards.

Overall, the game selection in the app is diverse and unique. There may be traditional games as well as many new and innovative ones. Moreover, each game in the app is committed to delivering high quality with beautiful graphics design. Therefore, when playing games on iWantu, you will always find them engaging and realistic. The occurrence of game lags or interruptions is almost non-existent.

Furthermore, the winning rate when playing reward-based games on the iWantu app is recorded to be as high as 80%. Additionally, the payout rate is also remarkably high. This promises to provide you with attractive opportunities to play entertaining games and earn money on a daily basis within the app.

Additional features:

In addition, the iWantu app is integrated with many other promising features that will not disappoint you during your experience. For example:


The above information provides an introduction to the iWantu app. You can see that iWantu is meticulously built and developed with many attractive features. It rightfully deserves its place as one of the leading Livestream entertainment apps on the market. Therefore, if you want to experience the outstanding features of the app, quickly download it to your device. However, remember to register for an iWantu account according to the regulations.

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